Glenshee Seeks to Boost Summer Tourism

Perhaps an undervisited area in Scotland can be found in the “glen of the fairies” or Glenshee, to give the area its proper name. Glenshee is a fascinating place with a rich history. Indeed for over a thousand years it has marked Scotland’s hidden route north to the highlands.

Glenshee is found in the North-East corner of Perthshire and is perhaps most famous in Scotland for being one of the main snowsports centres in Scotland during the winter months. Indeed, Glenshee can claim to be the largest snow resort in Scotland (and the UK) with no less than 38 runs on offer to ski and snowboard enthusiasts. With the last couple of winters in Scotland being colder than average, snow fall has been good and Glenshee has welcomed thousands of visitors to the slopes. What to do at sentosa singapore 

Yet the unpredictability of the Scottish winter season has meant that Glenshee has not been able to invest in uplift as much as it would have liked. As such over the last couple of decades the facilities on offer have perhaps been in need of a little face lift.

The authorities have decided that the time has come to boost summer tourism for this beautiful part of Scotland, in the manner that Cairngorm Mountain has successfully done with the completion of the Cairngorm Mountain Railway. Walkers and Cyclists can now enjoy the mountains around Aviemore with ease. This has boosted revenue and allowed investment to take place for snowsport facilities.

As such, the Glenshee Heather Festival has been established and now takes place from August until September every year. This festival incorportes a range of activities including arts and crafts, food markets, guided walks and cycle rides, a real ale festival and numerous Highland Games.

All these activities contribute to a real buzz in the area and visitors can now enjoy various activities as well as the astonishingly beautiful landscape around the “glen of the fairies”. There is something on offer for all the family if you visit the area during the festival. As well as the various markets, stalls and festivals, guided walks and cycles are on offer in abundance – get out in to the hills in one of the UK’s highest regions. Plenty of climbing to be done here! If you prefer travelling on wheels, pedal power can also be of use here, either on road, where cyclists can enjoy quiet country roads with limited motor traffic, or on trails, where mountain bikers will be in their element.

The increased economic activity in Glenshee will be fantastic for the area and will perhaps help in the eventual updating of the winter uplift network, which will undoubtedly be greeted with delight by the snow sports crowd.

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